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From Blueprint to Solution

Assess, Define, Refine, Solve & Repeat

In everyday language, this is a targeted, agile and frictionless way to find the best talent for the right job.

In more mechanical terms, this is how the construction of a supplemental talent roadmap anticipates your talent priorities and ensures you have the right talent resources to nail your business objectives.

In "solutions speak,” this is how NauWork solves your talent challenges.

How do we go from Blueprint to Solution?

Our 4 Step Process (Repeated Every Time)



To build a supplemental talent roadmap that fits your business, we must first understand the scope of your talent acquisition and flex talent requirements.

Short-Term Talent Need

The “right now” requirement to address immediate work demands and deliverables

Long-Term Talent Need

The macro view of historical trends and future plans that anticipates supplemental talent requirements

Flex Talent Need

An evaluation of the scalable talent level that provides the flexibility to adapt to the ebbs and flows of your business cycle

Strategic Plan

An assessment that incorporates your short-term, long-term, and flex talent needs

How Do We Get Great Talent?

How Do We Get Great Talent?

While “great” is generally a subjective unit of measurement, NauWork uses an incisive solutions blueprint and broad talent pool to find an objectively “great” (or maybe even“perfect”) talent match based on your business needs and community culture.


With a NauWork blueprint in hand, our team is able to unlock the nuance of fit through:

  • A custom screening, intake, and assessment process to match your need and culture profile
  • Reference collections that address the hard and soft skills critical to aptitude and your culture fit
  • Face-to-face screening that measures collected data against in-person, structured analysis to ensure blueprint compliance
Talent Pool

Speaking of that broad talent pool…NauWork draws from both traditional employment sources and the rapidly growing pool of freelancer talent ignored by other agencies. A recent study estimates freelancers will surpass employees as the largest segment of the labor market by 2027. Accordingly, top talent will be sourced through agencies agile enough to adapt to the changing labor market. That’s NauWork.

Step into the best
cultural and
professional match.

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