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From temporary assignments to permanent and freelance gigs, NauWork offers a variety of jobs to top tech talent in every major field.

If you believe that great people empowered with a great process can deliver great results, consider NauWork the roadmap for your career journey.

How do we go from Blueprint to Solution?

Our 4 Step Process (Repeated Every Time)



We’ll tease out the nuts-and-bolts of your career experiences and achievements - illustrated with your aptitudes, skills, and their application through previous experience. The mechanics of your career are then collated with your career goals and the steps necessary to achieve them.

The Culture Factor

The Culture Factor

For businesses, the importance of incorporating culture fit into a supplemental talent approach cannot be understated. Performance outcomes are quite literally at stake. To account for this, NauWork uses a cultural profiling process to help define the culture qualities of a specific team, department, and/or company, which is then used to properly assess talent.

According to research, a good culture fit is repeatedly correlated with high employee job satisfaction, superior job performance, and improved mental health. In short: your well-being is on the line, and we take those stakes seriously.

Step into the best
cultural and
professional match.

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