Solving problems for businesses and the people behind them.

There’s now, and there’s NauWork.

“Now” is an uninspired market and agency landscape characterized by substandard deliverables and lackluster output.

“NauWork” initiates a market view that rejects normative underperformance and mediocrity, demanding people-centric excellence…only achieved when the right talent is supported, empowered, and well-matched to deliver optimal outcomes for the right businesses.

What do we seek?
The elevation of people to the core of the service solution; outcomes that are experienced in client, candidate, and freelancer partnerships; and long-term relationships rather than transactions- all wrapped up in one simple, efficient process.

Did you hear that exhale? Let relief set in as a competent hand engages to help you achieve your career or business objectives.

Miles Mattern

Co-Founder / CSO

Jeremy Mosier

Co-Founder / CEO

NauWork Culture & Values

What makes NauWork, work.

Employees & Clients First

We achieve extraordinary results when we elevate employees and clients as the focal point of our service solution.

Relationships Matter

Top to bottom, all relationships are important and need to be fostered and supported.

Demand Excellence

It’s not enough to aspire to excellence, we must demand that excellence is realized.

Be Open, Honest & Constructive

These are requirements for effective team building and mind-blowing collaboration.

Act Like an Owner

Character is exhibited in the measure of responsibility you assign to your role and your outcomes.

Have Fun

We typically spend the majority of our awake hours working. Make sure they are enjoyable.

Step into the best
cultural and
professional match.

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